About Curate NYC

Curate NYC is a citywide festival of art exhibitions and an online showcase of New York City visual artists. The project exists to build exposure and career opportunities for local artists and to market the City as a cultural hub.Curate NYC also builds community among creators, and drives new arts audiences to neighborhoods throughout the five boroughs.

How It Works: Hundreds of artists from across the five boroughs submit entries to CurateNYC.org for free, rare exposure to dozens of top curators from around the world. Local participating galleries select entries for groups shows at their venues. Guest curators select their favorite entries for numerous shows at our website. Additionally, a panel of judges reviews and ranks every artwork, and the top 150 entries are presented at Rush Arts in Chelsea for our kickoff event.

In 2013, we added a new initiative called NYC25: Visual Artists Imagine New York City 25 Years In the Future. A separate panel of arts leaders reviews and ranks all NYC25 entries, and the top 25 works are exhibited at Westwood Gallery NYC in the East Village. The #1 entry receives a $2,500 cash prize.
This year’s Curate NYC received 1,900 entries. Visit http://www.curatenyc.org/2013/ to see the works, curators, judges and exhibitions.

Huffington Post: “Curate NYC 2013 Celebrates New York City as the Hub of the World Art Market


About NYC25

How do YOU picture New York City 25 years in the future? For Curate NYC, artists across the five boroughs are invited to enter a work that best represents them as an artist. For NYC25, artists are invited to submit a second entry that captures their vision of New York City 25 years in the future. NYC25 IS THEMATIC AND PURELY OPTIONAL.

Please submit one (1) original image to NYC25 that you feel best captures your vision of New York’s future. This is the only image that will be viewed by our NYC25 Panel of Judges. The top 25 NYC25 entries will be exhibited at Westwood Gallery NYC as a special themed exhibition from October 25 – November 14, 2013.The creator of the #1 ranked entry will receive a $2,500 CASH AWARD and highlighted in Curate NYC marketing.



NYCEDC is the City’s primary engine for economic development charged with leveraging the City’s assets to drive growth, create jobs and improve quality of life. We are an organization dedicated to New York City and its people. We use our expertise to develop, advise, manage and invest to strengthen businesses and help neighborhoods thrive. We make the City stronger. NYCEDC also helps create affordable housing, new parks, shopping areas, community centers, cultural centers and much more.

NYCEDC is dedicated to investing in growth and capital but it’s not only economic, it’s also human growth and capital – New York and New Yorkers realizing a rich, rewarding and vibrant future. It is this investment and commitment that can help strengthen the City of New York.


About Full Spectrum

Full Spectrum Experience, Inc. is a nonprofit 501 (c)3 arts organization that creates new platforms for artists, and new forums for arts audiences. The organization was founded in 2006 by musician/marketing strategist Brian Tate and artist/gallery owner/philanthropist Danny Simmons to promote progressive culture and ideas. Past projects include Romare Bearden: 20th Century American Master, and The Bearden 100; the Brooklyn New Music Festival; the Project Diversity Brooklyn and Project Diversity  Queens exhibitions, and the Full Spectrum Panel Discussion Series.



Brian Tate & Danny Simmons – Executive Producers

Graham Letorney, Co-Founder, FotoVisura Inc. – Website Development
Gina Zangla – President, ImaginationDesign.net – Brand Design, Logos, Print and Web Graphics
Onome Ekeh, Co-founder, Featurezoo – Website Management
Paula Henderson – Social Media
Ed Marshall, Owner, Ed Marshall Photography – Event Photography
Joshua Peters, Owner, Paid In Gold Multimedia – Event Video
Judy Twersky Public Relations – Publicity  
Judith Sloan, Co-Founder, EarSay, Inc. – Media Relations Support

Project Assistance
Samantha Inniss, Founder, Art Food and Soul, Kaegan Sparks, Jessica Song, Jessie Sung

Special Thanks
Eric Johnson, Jesse Lazar,Lushi Liu, Frances A. Resheske, Alton Murray, Scott Stedman, Daniel Stedman, Brenda Williams-Butts, Eugene Ribeiro, Lisa Schwartz, Julie Kim, Scott Koshnoodi, DJ Reborn, and our many guest curators, judges, and gallery partners. You rock.