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Yank v1.0

44" x 60"
Materials: archival pigment print
Categories: Curate NYC. Tags: mfancy and tkohler. borough: Queens. Art Medium: Photography.

While my various works differ in subject and technique, they maintain an orbit around a central theme, the conflation of opposites. Either by virtue of a confusion, a naive lumping-together or a purposeful linking, the polarities on which we lean to define the world, like “nature and culture”, “self and other”, “present and absent”, once understood, betray their opposition to offer insight and a surprise—that we are not only the source of what we perceive, but also one in the same as the things we see. Ironically, a binary view, once reduced to practical metaphor, is the key to unpacking perceptual baggage. My process subverts subjects by revealing unexpected juxtapositions that ask viewers to rethink the way they see.

In the case of “Yank v1.0” (2013) I am tackling the conflation of time. An object is not only what we perceive at one instant but in fact an accumulation of all its iterations in space over its entire life.

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