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Lets Build a city in the Sky

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Lets Build a city in the Sky

5" x 7" x 5"
Materials: Unbound, Orginal Artist book, velum, archival wax pencils, quoache, various wieght papers, pop-outs, pop-up, original poems
Categories: NYC25. borough: Manhattan. Art Medium: Other.

How would the city appear in the future is an interesting question. How indeed? In what universe would we be referring too? I posit, the question there are more ways to ask the question and answer it. I choose to answer as a what if ? Creating an original unbound artist book which is constructed and deconstructed by the viewer incorporates ideas used in architecture to address defining space. Tearing a layer from a page to create a pocket and placing an accordion folded note inside references a tradition by builders to leave something inside the building to represent the day and year. A newspaper of day was often used. I wanted to give you something like a note in a drawer, a memory to keep with you for when you need it, a whisper in your ear, I’m listening…  What if…?

“lets build a city in the sky”

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