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Red row of women

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Red row of women

8.5" x 11" (circa)
Materials: cotton, red thread (embroidery)
Categories: Curate NYC. Tags: kjfp. borough: Brooklyn. Art Medium: Other.

Bucalo’s embroidered drawings on underwear explore contemporary ideas regarding vulnerability and sexuality as well. By choice she uses cotton as well as human hair to saw her drawings on them.

By looking at them we are captured by the shining humorous light  on an ordinary garment as an underwear, of intricate embroidery.

In both works, Trust series and the embroidered drawings underwear, Bucalo confronts our perception and boundaries regarding intimacy, not only regarding ourselves, our bodies, but also how we are capable in accepting each other, where do we surrender and where do we protect and withdraw.


Kim Meijer, Independent curator/artist

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