CURATE NYC is open to New York City-based visual artists who seek heightened exposure among curators, collectors, critics, and art lovers.

Registration Requirements

All submissions must be made online at this website, and must include the following:

1. An official proof of New York City residency that shows your name and address [not a P.O. Box or c/o a third party].

2. One (1) original image submitted to Curate NYC that you feel best represents you as an artist. This is the only image that will be viewed by our Curate NYC Panel of Judges and Guest Curators.

3. One (1) original image submitted to NYC25 (optional) that you feel best captures your vision of New York City 25 ears in the future. This is the only image that will be viewed by our NYC25 Panel of Judges.

4. Full information about both images (i.e. title, medium, materials, year of completion).

5. Artist Statements for both images. Each statement should not exceed 2,000 characters, including spaces.

5. An Artist Bio not longer than 2,000 characters, including spaces.

6. Links to your website, blog, and social media pages, if available.

7. Your full name, telephone number, email address, and New York City mailing address. (This information is for validation purposes only, and will not be shared.)

NOTE: If you live at someone else’s address, you must provide a signed letter from the leaseholder stating that fact, along with proof of the leaseholder’s residency in New York City.

Applicants are encouraged to also provide a link to a website where curators and other interested parties may view their larger portfolios.

All entries must be made online at



NYC25 Guidelines

NYC25 IS THEMATIC AND PURELY OPTIONAL. Please submit one (1) original image to NYC25 that you feel best captures your vision of New York City 25 years in the future. This is the only image that will be viewed by our NYC25 Panel of Judges.

The top 25 NYC25 entries will be exhibited at Westwood Gallery NYC as a special themed exhibition from October 25 – November 14, 2013.The creator of the #1 ranked entry will receive a $2,500 CASH AWARD and highlighted in Curate NYC marketing.”

In developing your NYC25 entry, please consider the following:

• The image can evoke a prediction, a warning, a commentary, or a hope. It can be intimate or global, funny or serious, utopian or dystopian.

• It can be abstract or realistic, rendered in any visual medium (e.g. painting, drawing, photograph, sculpture, mixed-media, film still, etc.).

• It can address any aspect of NYC’s character that you find relevant (e.g. environment, government, civil rights, arts & culture, economy, transportation, food, fashion, immigration, etc.).

• It can be futuristic, historic, or current in capturing your vision of what’s ahead.

• The Artist Statement is where you’ll tie everything together and make your intentions clear. If you submit an abstract painting, for example, or a contemporary photo, your Statement should put it in context to help us understand your vision of NYC’s future. The title of the work can also help in this regard.

Also note these exhibition parameters from our NYC25 host venue, Westwood Gallery NYC:

• Any artwork submitted must be available for exhibition during October 25-November 14. No substitutions will be accepted once artwork has been selected. The artist shall inform Curate NYC whether or not he/she desires artwork to be offered for sale during exhibition. Any sales will be shared 50% to artist and 50% to gallery.
• Artwork net prices may range from $500 to $50,000. Artworks priced in excess of $50,000 will not be accepted due to insurance requirements, unless it is insured by artist.

• Artwork must be professionally ready to hang (i.e. framed and wired; for three-dimensional artwork, a pedestal should be provided). If there are special hanging mechanisms needed, they should be provided.

• Dimensional requirements: Sizes for 2-D wall art can range from 10 x 10 inches to 5 x 5 feet. For 3-D artwork, height cannot exceed 5 ft, and weight cannot exceed 150 lbs.