Jamai Venus

"Standing On An Auction Block Naked With No Bidder."

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"Standing On An Auction Block Naked With No Bidder."

35 x 70
Materials: Acrylic paint on canvas
Categories: Curate NYC. borough: Bronx. Art Medium: Painting.

This piece represents the second piece in my series of transformation from being dead here on earth to being born again through spirituality, the moment in my life when I realized that my purpose in this human form is the create healing art. I originally drew this piece in my sketchbook and had no funds for buying the materials to paint it or any other piece I had to paint. I allowed this to put me in a state of depression where I would pray to be taken off this earth. I would hurt myself hoping the pain on the inside would some how escape. I felt dead in my body, I felt useless and at the same time I felt used. I felt as if it were my time to be made over.

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