Jordan Baker-Caldwell

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126 x 47 x 47 inches - 320 x 119.3 x 119.3 cm
Materials: Steel, Acrylic and Mixed Media
Categories: Curate NYC. Tags: 150. borough: Manhattan. Art Medium: Sculpture.

I create works that try to capture and reflect the spirit and energy of the world around me, like static glimpses into an ever changing and evolving landscape. It is as if all that exists is happening at once, a vast ocean of interconnected lines, and I try to express that feeling in my art in a way that allows us to see the parts and pieces more clearly as they swirl and dip through space. Like how sipping a glass of hot tea allows you to take in a moment, to be still with yourself and let it all wash over and through you; my work seeks to highlight and elevate that ease of perception in all of us.

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