Maxine Davidowitz

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40" x 40"
Materials: Oil
Categories: Curate NYC. borough: Manhattan. Art Medium: Painting.

My work is an investigation of the emotional and aesthetic power of translucency, with a focus on the lives of children and their not-quite-solid-essence. This is one of a series of very large faces of young girls, both with eyes open and eyes closed, that uses the monumental scale to belie the natural powerlessness of children, especially girls. As I continue to play ¬†with this theme, the girls and their natural collage-like environments become one and take on new meanings for me. This group of paintings came out of an earlier series of full figures of children, mostly girls, also translucently embedded into landscapes. I’m now working on a series that involves a more surrealistic collage of settings and includes other creatures as well as that ever-present yet ever-lost little girl. (is she me? yes and no.)¬†

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