Michael Paul Britto

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6" x 6"
Materials: Gesso Board, Cut Magazine
Categories: Curate NYC. Tags: lomensah, pgoodwin, and vcoliver. borough: Bronx. Art Medium: Mixed Media.

Much of my work is about being a person of color in America, and the misconceptions and assumptions that go along with that. My art allows me to make people more politically and culturally aware, by using the customary as metaphor. By manipulating popular culture I can illicit feelings of rage, happiness, sadness and empathy by causing the viewer to rethink many of mass medias depictions of people of color, and what we deem as a society as acceptable behavior. By appropriating pop culture, and historical references I believe many of my messages come across as “familiar”.

Although video is my primary medium of choice, I also produce work in digital photography, sculpture, collage and performance. My goal is to use my art to give voice to marginalized communities and foster a better understanding in mainstream society.


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