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Two Women, Blue Tarp

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Two Women, Blue Tarp

31 x 17"
Materials: Ink on Paper
Categories: Curate NYC. Tags: 150 and ahunt. borough: Queens. Art Medium: Print Making.

Two Women, Blue Tarp belongs to a body of work that traces my experiences during a six week residency at the Joan Mitchell Center in New Orleans.  In this compelling installation photographic transfers, and oil paintings on wood panels are threaded together to create a visual web that connects images to their location on a map of the Crescent City.  The layering of history, culture and resultant racial tension in that town brings to mind the image of tectonic plates – one senses the omnipresent danger of inevitable friction.  I witnessed such an eruption on Mardi Gras morning as I waited for the Yellow Pocahontas Hunters to begin their ritual reclamation of the neighborhood.  Clusters of family, friends and complete strangers mingled in intermittent rain as gunfire exploded around us.  Miraculously no one was hurt, but The Trauma of the Incident – the explosion of violence amidst the expression of the values we hold dear as a society – emerged as a metaphor for this complex city. The shooting made me ponder the fractious accumulation of disenfranchisement in combination with resilience, and the interconnectedness between events and the indomitable spirit of the people of New Orleans.  

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